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LECTURE 1: Fundamentals

LECTURE 1: Fundamentals (Contd.)

Design of Heat ExchangersBasic InformationThermodynamicsFluid MechanicsHeat TransferTypes of Heat ExchangersAccording to Transfer ProcessAccording to Surface CompactnessAccording to the Interacting MediumAccording to constructionAccording to flow arrangementAccording to Heat Transfer MechanismDesign Processproblem specificationexchanger construction typeflow arrangementconstruction materialsdesign considerationstube sizestube layout patternmaximum shell dimensionsmaintenance considerationdesign standard and construction codesafety and protection, high product puri ...special operating considerationscyclingupset conditions, etc.Thermohydraulic DesignMethodε-NTUP-NTULMTDψ-P methodProblemRating ProblemSizing ProblemPerformance ParametersEffectivenessPressure DropCase studiesDesign of double pipe heat exchangersDesign of shell and tube heat exchangersDesign of Nano/micro heat exchangersDesign of condenser and evaporatorFoulingCost of Foulingincreased capital expenditure,increased maintenance cost,loss of productionenergy lossesType of FoulingParticulate FoulingCrystallization FoulingCorrosion FoulingBiofoulingChemical Reaction FoulingProcess of foulingInitiationTransportAttachmentRemovalAgingEstimation of FoulingControlling foulingSurface Cleaning TechniquesContinuous CleaningPeriodic CleaningAdditivesCrystallization FoulingParticulate FoulingBiological FoulingCorrosion Fouling

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