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The concept map for Thermal Engineering - Concepts and Applications by Dr. Shubhankar Chakraborty is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License
Thermal Engineering - Concepts and Appli ...Basic ConceptsSystems and Control VolumeBasic DefinitionsPropertyStateProcessEquilibriumZeroth LawStatementConcept of temperatureDifferent thermometersEnergyDefinitionsTypesTutorialsPure SubstancesDefinitionsPropertyUse of Steam TableFirst Law of ThermodynamicsStatementCyclic ProcessNon-cyclic ProcessCorollariesPerpetual Motion Machine IDefinitionsEnthalpyInternal EnergyFirst Law for Control VolumeSSSF SystemsExamplesnozzlediffuserturbinecompressorTutorialsAssessmentRegular ExaminationsClass activityPython/Matlab coding of case studiesApplications (Thermodynamic basic cycles ...Vapour Power Cycle - Rankine cycleRefrigeration - Vapor compression cycleGas turbine - Brayton cycleInternal Combustion Engine - Otto cycle  ...Comparison with Carnot cycleTutorialsThermodynamic RelationshipsSecond Law of ThermodynamicsStatementKelvin-Plank StatementClausius StatementsPerpetual Motion Machine IIHeat engines and Heat PumpReversible heat engines and pumpCarnot cycleDefinitions of thermal efficiency and CO ...Clausius inequalityDefinition of entropyDemonstration that entropy is a property ...T-s diagramDefinition of isentropic efficiency,ExergyAvailable and unavailable energyConcept of irreversibility and lost work

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