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    Apply Internship @hprcse:

    Interested and highly self motivated B. Tech (in ECE and CSE) and M. Tech (in ECE, VLSI, CSE, and Network) students can drop a Email to me for Internship for the period of One Month or Higher. Mail your resume to noor@iiitdm.ac.in

    On Demand Training Services and Activities:

    Hpcse will provide the on demand training activites for the engineers, staff, students and employees of your organizations. List of Topics can be trained:

    1. Cyber Security
    2. Network Security
    3. Application Security
    4. High Performance Computing
    5. Parallel Programming
    6. OpenMP Programming for Multi-Core Architectures.
    7. MPI Programming for Cluster Computer or Distributed computing or Super Computing
    8. CUDA C-Programming for GPGPU Architectures
    9. Scripting and Tool Development using Perl
    10. Scripting and Tool Development using Python
    11. Digital VLSI Design
    12. ASIC Design
    13. FPGA based System Design
    14. Digital System Design
    15. Reconfigurable Computing Theory and Practice
    16. Approximate Computing Theory and Practice
    17. Embedded System Design
    18. Computer System Design
    19. Microprocessing and Interfacing
    20. Digital System Design Concepts
    21. Digital System Design using Verilog HDL
    22. EDA Tools

    Hardware IPs Development Activities and Services:

    1. High Speed Digital Hardware IP design using Verilog HDL

    Computing System Design and Prototyping Services:

    1. Any Real life application system design

    Industry Partners:

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