High Performance Reconfigurable Computing System Engineering Group
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    Current B. Tech., Students

    Graduated B. Tech., Students

    1. Gantasala Sai Hemanth (COE12B005, "A Novel Secure Virtualization Architecture", 2015-2016.
    2. Guddeti Venkat Shiva (COE12B006), "Inter frame Prediction of HEVC", 2015-2016.
    3. Komaragiri Gowthami (COE12B011), "Implementation of Kinetic Artwork using Embedded Systems", 2015-2016.
    4. Ponnekanti Praneeth (COE12B022), "Automatic Seizer Detection System", 2015-2016.
    5. Shubham Kumar Singh (COE12B027), "Controller Placement Problem and Load Balancing in Software Defined Networks", 2015-2016.
    6. Avinash Raj (COE12B029), "Kinetic Artwork using LEDs", 2015-2016.
    7. D Shashidhar (EDM12B027), "Implementation of Audio CODEC", 2015-2016.
    8. Dasari Robertkiran (COE11B008), "Smart Car Parking System", 2014-2015.
    9. Kamlesh Choudhary (COE11B013), "Smart Home Access System", 2014-2015.
    10. Battinoju Sai Kumar (COE11B005), "Analysis and Applications of SCAN-PUF", 2014-2015.
    11. Shashwat Shivam (COE11B022), "Smart Toll Collection System", 2014-2015.
    12. Lakavath Ram Naik (COE11B017), "Smart Production Line System", 2014-2015.
    13. Ashish (COE11B003), "Smart Water Grid for Campus", 2014-2015.
    14. V Pavan Kumar (COE10B011), "Performance Estimation of Openflow Networks", 2013-2014.
    15. Suresh Naik (COE10B017), "Hardware Implementation of Virtually Isolated FIFO Queueing", 2013-2014.
    16. Noone Sowmya (COE10B010), "Network Functions Virtualization: DNS Services", 2013-2014.
    17. Mannava Spandan (COE10B016), "Hardware Implementation of RC4 Algorithm", 2013-2014.
    18. Raghavendra Tripuraneni (COE10B018), "Efficient Multi Deployment and Multi Snapshotting on Clouds", 2013-2014.
    19. Niveditha R (COE09B015), "Development of Test Vector Generation and Analysis Tool for Combinational Circuits", 2012-2013.
    20. Suganth Krishna S (COE09B017), "Parallelization of Simulated Annealing Algorithm for FPGA Placement", 2012-2013.
    21. Sanjeev Kumar (COE09B016), "Automatic Test Bench Generator", 2012-2013.
    22. J Vasavi Krishna (EDM09B005), "Developing a Website for Secure Streaming of Legal Media Content", 2012-2013.
    23. T Sai Ram Sudheer (EDM09B017), "Developing a Website for Secure Streaming of Legal Media Content", 2012-2013.
    24. Peram Sudheer S (dm08b037), "32-bit CMOS Ripple Carry Adders for Energy Efficient Arithmetic Applications", 2011-2012.
    25. Y Bhanu Kishore (dm08b055), "Mitigation of Soft Errors in Processors Data Paths", 2011-2012.
    26. `
    27. Boda Rajesh Naik (dm08b010), "A Clock Gated Flip-Flop for Low Power Applications",2011-2012.
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